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Thursday September 29, 2022 7:25 am                

Freelance Opportunities

Find genealogy jobs online  Genealogy Freelancers offers many exciting benefits to our freelance Genealogy Specialists    Find genealogy jobs online 
  If you are a professional genealogist researcher, village photographer, publisher, calligrapher, translator or other family history expert; read on to find out why you should join us now!  
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Find genealogy workConnect to clients on a global scale!  If you want to begin your career as a professional genealogist or other family history expert or if you are looking to expand your clientele, this is the place to do it.  We bring clients straight to your door. 
Find genealogy workSpending advertising dollars to market your service is a gamble and can be costly.  Plus you never know if your investment will result in acquiring a new client.  Here at Genealogy Freelancers, you can sign up for free and receive free notifications when someone is looking for a professional just like you.  Better yet!  You have the option to bid for free as well!
Find genealogy workAll you need to do is sign up and we’ll do the rest.  When a project is posted that matches your exact specialty and location, we immediately notify you by email.  There are only a few easy steps involved in any transaction and once you choose to accept a project, you will be instantly connected to your client.  Find out more about how it works.
Find genealogy workHave you ever traveled to a distant location for only one case?  Pick up another case in the same area to make your travel worthwhile. 
Find genealogy workIs your workload too heavy?  Collaborate with other genealogy professionals to help you lighten the load or expand the area of your research.  

Find genealogy workChoose to make an offer only on projects that interest you.  Make offers on as many or as few genealogy jobs as you like.  You are fully in control. 

Find genealogy workGenealogy Freelancers was founded by professional genealogists so we actually understand the needs of a family history expert 
Find genealogy workRisk free!  Pay only a small commission of 6% or less only when you choose to accept a project found on our site.   We invite you to find out more about our reasonable rates today!




 Did You Know?

Genealogy Freelancers is the first genealogical service of this type to verify specialists' memberships to professional organizations, secondary education or special experience.  Receive credit for you family history accomplishments; this is a GREAT selling tool!  

If you plan to include any of these achievements in your individual profile, please contact us with your details immediately. 



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