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Tuesday November 29, 2022 10:10 am                

How it works for seekers

These are just some of the exciting benefits and many rewards of posting your ancestry project on Genealogy Freelancers!


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Find a professional genealogist at genealogy freelancersBecome a member, post your project and select a Specialist at no cost. It's all free! Our system will match your job details to genealogy specialists from across the globe ensuring all experts capable of doing your project are immediately notified of your request.
Find a professional genealogist at genealogy freelancersReach hundreds of qualified experts who are standing by and waiting to begin your project with just one click of a button. Avoid the hassle of trying to connect to a professional genealogist, translator, or other family history Specialist one by one.
Find a professional genealogist at genealogy freelancersConnect with a genealogy professional from almost anywhere in the world. Why settle for a pro that lives too far away from the location in which you require service when you will have to pay their travel expenses? Save money by locating someone that lives near your ancestral home whether it's in the US or nearly anywhere in the world.
Find a professional genealogist at genealogy freelancersGenealogists come to you rather than you losing precious time seeking them out, saving you much time and energy.
Find a professional genealogist at genealogy freelancers Don't know where to start? Genealogy Freelancers offers a free consultation which will ensure that you are including the correct information in your project post. Just click the "Ask a genealogist" button for help.
Find a professional genealogist at genealogy freelancersDon't be fooled by imitators of our original concept. They charge their Specialists an exorbitant commission fee and that cost will always get passed onto you. We don't do that here nor do we try to sell you subscriptions of any sort.
Find a professional genealogist at genealogy freelancersFun, easy, and affordable.....find the best possible professional at the best possible price. Best yet, we're here when you need us. Go ahead, give it a try; contact us at any time and we'll show you why our customer service can't be beat.
find professional genealogists at genealogy freelancers


Steps included in a typical transaction


How to hire a professional genealogy researcher


A closer look at the few easy steps above......


How it works
find professional genealogists at genealogy freelancers

Project Posting Options

1. Post your project for free and see what Genealogy Freelancers is all about!

........ Our system will automatically notify any researcher who is a match to your needs.

2. Post your project for a refundable fee and prove that you are serious about having your ancestral project completed.
Great preparation goes into most bids offered; it's not just a matter of submitting a cost. Specialists are more attracted to bidding on projects which include this small token of good faith.
.......A special icon will be placed next to your project title and your 5.00 fee will be fully refunded once you select your specialist or in the rare case that you do not receive any bids. It's a win-win proposal!
.......Our system will immediately notify any researcher who is a match to your needs.
3. Post your genealogy job as a Featured project and we'll pull out all the stops. Below are the advantages of choosing this option...
.......Featured projects are always posted at the top of our projects lists for greater visibility.
.......Specialists matching the needs of your family history job will be notified immediately of your featured projects details and rank.
.......Your project will go out over the Genealogy Freelancers RSS feed and via Twitter which will spread the word to several hundred more people who could be of great benefit to your quest.
.......Your investment of 15.00 will pay off in the end. Why? Because our Specialists know that they won't pay any commission on your project. This will encourage more bidders to compete for your job and at a lower cost.

NOTE: You can fund your account for free or opt to use one of several paid options.

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It's easy to find a genealogist at genealogy freelancers
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find professional genealogists at genealogy freelancers

Did you know?

Genealogy Freelancers was founded by professional genealogists and we are the first genealogical service of this type to verify specialists' memberships to professional organizations, secondary education or special experience. Look for these symbols.....

pro verified symbol = Pro memberships verified

family history education verified = Education verfied

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How to pick the right Specialist

Choosing your genealogy professional is a very personal decision. Communication is the best way to find out who the perfect fit is for your case. Ask questions; make sure that you understand exactly what is included in each bid. Prices will often vary so find out what each bidder has in mind for you. Sometimes a lower bid will denote that the cost just covers the beginning stage of your project or it could mean that the specialist lives very near the archive in question (research only) so they can afford to do it for less. At times, a specialist might submit a cost which at first glance seems higher than others however, it very well may include much more service so ultimately, that bidder might be your best bet in the long run. For more tips, refer to our user guidelines.

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