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Tuesday November 29, 2022 10:23 am                

How it works for specialists


Here are just some of the exciting benefits we offer our Genealogy Specialists at Genealogy Freelancers!

Find Genealogy Jobs at Genealogy Freelancers!

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Connecting you to clients on a global scaleWe will connect you to clients on a global scale. If you want to begin your career as a professional genealogist or if you are looking to expand your clientele, this is the place to do it.
Connecting you to clients on a global scaleSpending advertising dollars is a gamble. You never know if your investment will result in acquiring a new client. Here at Genealogy Freelancers, we bring clients straight to your door. All you need to do is sign up and we'll do the rest. When a project is posted that matches your exact specialty and location, we will immediately notify you by email.
Connecting you to clients on a global scaleHave you ever traveled to a location for only one case? Pick up another in the same area to make your travel worthwhile.
Connecting you to clients on a global scaleIs your workload too heavy? Collaborate with other genealogy professionals to help you lighten the load or expand the area of your research.
Connecting you to clients on a global scaleChoose to make an offer only on projects that interest you. Make offers on as many or as few jobs as you like. You are fully in control.
Connecting you to clients on a global scaleGenealogy Freelancers was founded by professional genealogists so we actually understand the needs of a family history expert.
Connecting you to clients on a global scaleBest yet, we're here when you need us. Go ahead, give it a try; contact us at any time and we'll show you why our customer service can't be beat.
Genealogy Jobs benefits at Genealogy Freelancers


Steps included in a typical transaction


Finding work as a professional genealogists or other family history expert


A closer look at the few easy steps above.........


How it works
Benefits of joining Genealogy Freelancers
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Find genealogy work at genealogy freelancers


Membership Options

1. Free Membership: Experiment with what we have to offer. This is a great way to start out and test the waters. There are no membership dues for free members and the use of our system is free; you only pay a small fee of 6% commission on projects you have chosen to accept. The bid limit for free members is 10 projects per month.
2. Silver Membership: If you find that you are using our services often, you might want to consider upgrading to a paid membership which offers a savings on commission costs. Membership dues for a silver member are only $8.00 per month payable manually or by automatic payments. The commission paid is significantly decreased to 3% of the total amount of your winning bid if you choose to accept a project. Silver members have a small icon next to their username so that those considering them for a project can immediately see they have a paid membership. The bid limit for silver members is 20 projects per month.
3. Gold Membership: This membership option offers the best value if you are planning to take full advantage of Genealogy Freelancers. Membership dues for a gold member are only $15.00 per month payable manually or set up with automatic payments. As a gold member, you pay only monthly fees, no commission on completed projects. These members have a small icon next to their username which shows seekers that you have invested in your abilities. Another benefit to becoming a gold member is that you can bid more competitively as a direct result of the lack of commission fees. Additionally, there is no bid limit set for gold members; make offers on as many jobs as you would like.

NOTE: There is no commission due on Featured Projects!


 Membership types

How do I get paid?

Simple. At genealogyfreelancers.com, you will have your own private bank account located on your "account details" page. When a client pays you, they will transfer the money into this account within our system.  

Depending on the circumstance and your agreed upon payment schedule, the project owner will have the option of transferring a partial payment, full payment or arrange an escrow payment.  Once a Specialist has received at least 3 positive feedback ratings on at least 3 projects totaling at least 900.00 combined, that Specialist will have the option of withdrawing funds for any won project immediately.  Until this status is achieved, project funds must stay in escrow (regardless of which payment option the project owner chooses) until the project is complete and results have been forwarded to the project owner unless a milestone payment schedule has been established.  If a schedule has been established then a Specialist is free to withdraw funds attached to that finished segment of the project at any time provided the completed portion has been delivered to the project owner.  Some exceptions to this standard are possible and we will review any requests to the contrary on a case-by-case basis.   Please contact us to find out if you might already be an exception or to learn how to become an exception.   If you have met this criteria or if you are deemed an exception, you are free to withdraw any segment of the project's funds at will.  It is important to remember, however, that it is the Specialist's responsibility to confirm that either an escrow payment or direct payment has been credited to their account before releasing any portion of the project's results to the project owner.

Withdrawal options include Paypal, Alertpay, Google Checkout, bank wire, check or MoneyGram. If you have a preferred method that is not listed, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. All requests are handled within 2 business days.

Use of our free escrow program is always encouraged for any size project.  It is the perfect way to build trust in a new working releationship and offers a sense of security to both the project owner and the Specialist. Click below for details.

Try our safe escrow system! Click here for details.

*Note: that there is a 1.00 fee to withdraw your funds in most cases.

What information should I include in my bid?
check markAlways include as much information in your bid details as possible.
check markIncorporate the same facts you would offer a client who contacts you directly.
check markInform the project owner of what your cost covers, any particular range of years, names, dates, records, copies, etc. 

**Remember, you must insert an approximation of the total cost for the entire project in the bid amount box when making an offer. Never insert a deposit sum as your bid amount. You can then inform the job owner of your hourly rate via your bid details, email or the PMB after you place your bid should the project go over your initial estimation (if necessary). Note that if the project does go over your original price, you must either notify Genealogy Freelancers immediately or have your client post another project meant only for you.


Did you know?

Genealogy Freelancers was founded by professional genealogists. We take the time to verify memberships to professional organizations as well as any education or certification received in family history. If you plan to include this information in your profile, contact us with your details. Once confirmed, we will place one or both special icons associated with this program next to your username plus you will also be listed on our featured specialist page.

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