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Tuesday November 29, 2022 9:08 am                

Project/User Guidelines


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Useful Tips for a Great Partnership

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Genealogy Seekers (Project Owners)
1.  It is extremely important that you be as detailed as possible in regard to the description of your project.  It is far better to have too much information than not enough.  You might also choose to upload any pertinent documentation if desired.  If you choose to keep any of the extra documentation private you can upload to the Private Message Board to specialists you choose to interview.  If all the information necessary to place an accurate bid is not present, specialists will have a more difficult time bidding on your project and/or the bids you do receive will be inaccurate.
2.  You have the ability to add any additional information necessary to your project description after the project posts.  If you neglected to update the description with any new or forgotten details prior to selecting a specialist, please do so before they begin the project.
3.  Make sure to discuss issues of concern with any bidding candidates prior to choosing your specialist.  Never be afraid to ask questions.  The burden of detailing a job falls on you and sometimes asking the right questions can help clarify details.  It is also helpful to initiate a dialog with your candidates.  If you make an effort to briefly interview each bidder it could help determine who the best fit is for your project. Communication is key to any successful partnership.
4.  Once you are decided on an offer, discuss what type of advance payment that specialist will need before he/she starts the project (if any).  Do this in advance of your formal selection.
5.  Periodically, a research specialist could potentially run into a problem that might affect the time frame they provided for your project, through no fault of their own.  All research specialists listed on this site are obliged under our terms and conditions to make every attempt to adhere to their initial time frame for the project however, at times, a film necessary to your research could be on backorder so during these times, a bit of patience will be necessary. 
6.  There is also no way of predicting how long it will take to view microfilm and other articles necessary to genealogy research unless a specialist is familiar with the specific item.  The condition and legibility of old documents cannot be pre-determined.  It is up to your specialist to provide you with a flexible time frame which would allow them time to work through these difficulties without violating an agreed upon timeline.
7.  In reviewing the offers you receive, don't make cost your only consideration.  Be sure to look over the details of each offer.  Sometimes a less expensive cost might denote that a specialist lives very near to where the research for your project will need to be performed and so travel costs can be eliminated.  Sometimes a higher cost may denote that the specialist intends to perform additional work on your project; therefore that specialist might be a better choice if you are looking for a more intensive scope.  Something else to consider is the profile of each bidder.  Click on any members username to find out more about them before making your selection.
8.  Remember, feedback will be left for you as well so it is important that the experience is a positive one for both you, as a genealogy Seeker and your genealogy Specialist.  Feedback can only be left and given if the project was paid for through genealogyfreelancers.com
Genealogy Specialists
1.  First and foremost, please be sure to read the list of tips for Seekers as well.  There are many expectations covered here that will be of benefit to you when working with projects found on the genealogyfreelancers.com site.
2.  Know your project.  You should be aware of most information pertinent to a project before you place your bid.  If you require more details in order to place an accurate bid, contact the project owner ahead of time.  You may also edit your bid if necessary as well.  Always try to possess a clear understanding of all aspects of the job before bidding.
3.  Be as thorough as possible in your profile.  List your credentials, memberships to professional organizations, and upload an example of your work (if relevant).  All specialists are encouraged to take part in our verification program as well.  If proof of any secondary education, professional memberships or special experience is submitted to us for verification, a special icon will be shown next to your username and your information will be added to our featured specialist page.
4.  Keep in mind that our site is not so much about trying to outbid another specialist and offer an unreasonably cheap price.  It is about matching a qualified expert capable of doing the work at hand to another member who is in search of assistance. 
5.  Be sure to always respond to questions and concerns relating to a project in a timely manner.  Many problems can be avoided with good communication.
6.  If you run into any problems or delays when attempting to complete a project, always notify your client immediately with the details.  Again, communication is key.  If you are chosen for a project and your bid included a specific time frame that cannot be met for a legitimate reason during the course of the project, updating your client immediately will avoid any misunderstandings.  Communicating in this way will also help to develop a bond that could potentially lead to additional future work with the same client through genealogyfreelancers.com!
7.  Be sure to keep any and all proof of research conducted for each completed and on-going project should any questions arise in regard to the legitimacy of the research.
8.  For specialists that will need to forward the completed project via mail/post: be sure to keep your sender’s receipt and we encourage you to include delivery confirmation whenever possible as well.
9.  Update your client on your progress periodically, especially if it’s a long project.  It will be much appreciated.
10.  Discuss your payment requirements in advance.  If a down payment or if full payment is necessary up front then make sure to include this information in your communications or in your bid details when presenting your offer.
11.  Remember, positive feedback is imperative to your success on genealogyfreelancers.com.  Always work with a client in order to ensure a positive outcome for you both.  Feedback can only be left for or given if the project has been paid for through genealogyfreelancers.com


















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