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Tuesday November 29, 2022 8:34 am                

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March 24


Genealogy Freelancers is proud to announce its new partnership with a wonderful and unique service called Tpstry.com.   The folks at Tpstry provide a way to collect individual family memories and combine them into a larger, richer picture of the past.  It's the perfect match!  To commerate the occassion, a new press release has been issued today.  Read all about it below.......

Tpstry.com and GenealogyFreelancers.com Partner To Make Family History Research Easier

Family history research projects on GenealogyFreelancers.com get a boost by using Tpstry.com to gather information.

GenealogyFreelancers.com, which connects people seeking family history research with professional genealogists, and Tpstry.com, a website taking a unique approach to gathering family memories, announced today their partnership to make researching family history easier.

“One of the hardest steps for professional genealogists doing research projects is gathering all known information about a family at the beginning of the project,” says Deborah Irwin, CEO of IRBO, Inc., GenealogyFreelancers.com’s parent company. “Tpstry’s unique approach to gathering family memories provides a quick, easy way to gather all known family information in one place.”

While Tpstry.com’s main focus is to collect stories behind family memories, it also collects basic family history information such as names, parentage, birth dates, death dates and marriages. To assist researchers, Tpstry will soon be rolling out the ability to export family information as a GEDCOM file—a standard file format which allows different genealogy software programs to talk to one another. This basic family information gives researchers at GenealogyFreelancers.com a head start when investigating a family’s past.
“Tpstry uses family members and relatives as sources to answer family history questions,” says Matt Johnston, Founder and President of Tpstry. “If a question goes back a few generations, relatives often don’t know the answers. This is where a professional researcher, such as those found at GenealogyFreelancers.com, is very valuable.”

Users seeking help with a family research project can post a project prospectus at http://www.genealogyfreelancers.com and start entering known family information at http://www.tpstry.com

 February 3


Genealogy Freelancers sent out a press release today.  Below is what appeared online.....

Genealogy Freelancers Rolls Out the Welcome Mat for Transitioning Ancestry.com Expert Connect Providers

In response to the recent announcement that Ancestry.com would be ending their Expert Connect service, Genealogy Freelancers has been welcoming many of those providers affected by the move to transition into their existing similar service.

Genealogy Freelancers has been established since 2008 and, because of their comparable platform of projects for bid, the shift has proved an easy one for the transitioning providers from Expert Connect as they are accustomed to the premise and workings of this type of system.

The founders of Genealogy Freelancers who all have a background in the genealogy profession, maintain that their reasons for starting their service was to provide an easy and friendly method for the client and provider of genealogy services to connect to one another. When asked how the recent influx of EC providers would affect business operations Elaine Bostwick, Chief of Operations had this to say: “It’s been an unexpected week for everyone, but this is a service that we’ve been involved in for three years now and although the week has been a little unusual our site has always been geared for this service and no matter what takes place around us, our core goal of being able to help both sides will remain the same”. In response to the question of challenges for the providers making the change to GF, Ms. Bostwick says “There are some differences to our system, but on the whole the basic premise is one that the transitioning providers and the clients can recognize and use quickly. There will also be some changes as suggestions come in since it’s been our experience that the users know best what works for them and we take those suggestions seriously.”

Genealogy Freelancers has a large pool of international genealogy Specialists who are able to provide their services from a simple lookup to a full, custom research project. In addition to these services there are those providers who specialize in document translations, village and/or cemetery photography, publishing and related categories. These providers live throughout the world and are able to perform their specialties within the countries necessary to complete the posted project. Profiles of genealogy researchers and other family history experts showcase an array of expertise through education and/or verified memberships to genealogical related international associations, societies and organizations. This feature was created in order to assist the client with the Specialist selection process.

The system is a three-step process that starts when the client posts their project. Once this step has taken place, the Specialists that are a match to the specific categories and locations necessary for service are notified. If the project is one that is of interest then the Specialist will make an appropriate offer. The final step is the selection of the Specialist that is the best fit to the particular case. At that point, the client, along with their genealogy professional embark on a journey to uncover the past and build a family tree or simply add a few new branches.

Irbo Inc., owners of Genealogy Freelancers, continues to provide a welcoming platform that benefits those in search of their personal family history as well as for quality experts who are capable of providing assistance.


In addition to the press release news, a new FaceBook campaign is on the way and should be ready within the next couple of days as well.  We are working round the clock to secure work for our long time members and for the new members who have joined us from Expert Connect.

The following statement doesn't actually fall under the "news" category but we just wanted to give a BIG thank you to all you members who have taken the time to share your suggestions with us.  We are fortunate enough to have a large group of creative and kind souls for members.  We appreciate all the support more than mere words can convey!

 January 31



With the closing of Ancesty's Expert Connect, we have been quite busy to put it mildly.  A lot of you have been curious as to our opinion on the matter so to address this, we have added a new blog entry to fill you in on our thoughts. 

We are in the process of updating several different parts of the website even as we speak.  Our goal is to make the Genealogy Freelancers experience as user friendly and simple as possible.  If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear from you.  In the mean time, check back in the near furture for the specifics of our updates.

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