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Tuesday March 9, 2021 5:40 am                

Name: John L. Donovan
Username: JohnD

Expert Connect, via Ancestry for three years, with a 5 Star rating for over 54 completed projects. I specialize in the US, period 1790-2016, and do Family Trees.. I have a AS in Management, B.A. in Business Administration, and an M.B.A. in Accounting/Management. I have been doing genealogy research for over 21 years. I specialize in Family Tree genealogy, I have done over 120 Family trees in the past six months. I have a 9.6 rating with Genealogyfreelancers with over 160 completed projects.  I specialize in Group Records and  Pedigree Charts, Extended FamilyTree Charts, Descendancy charts, and individual records, and custom charts and records. I provide all source data, and documentation. I also create Family History Books from individual Family Trees, which usually contain up to 12 generations of family members. I utilize the Family Tree Maker to create various charts and Family History Books. I can do foreign countries as well,including England, Scotland and Wales.

I also do Family History Books for a nominal fee. I have done twenty two of this type of Genealogical service.  History books done include Glassmacher, Cromwell, North, Scully and more. I have done over 22 Family History books.

I now can do either DAR or SAR applications and research I have completed approved SAR and DAR applications..I am a member of the Kootenai Genealogical Society, and their Second year Trustee. 

City/Town:Post Falls, Idaho
Country of service:United States-all of the US
Categories:Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Publishing, Pedigree Charts, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, LDS, Heraldry, Military, African American, Jewish, Family Historian, Civil War, DAR, SAR, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Look Ups
Language specialties: Polish > English
Member Since:2011-01-31 13:50
Member Type:Free member
Country of residence:United States-all of the US
Level of expertise:Professional Specialist
Associations or Organizations:Member of Ancestry.com, Archives. com. Fold3,FamilySearch.org. Member of the Kootenai Genealogical Society.
Education experience:A.S. Management, B.A. Business Administration, M.B.A. Management/Accounting


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Genealogy Specialist Rating: 9.5556    Genealogy Specialist Reviews: 81

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