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Tuesday January 19, 2021 3:43 am                

Username: maryblock

I have been using ancestry.com for the past 4 years, and have come up against some significant roadblocks in my search for my ancestors. At this point, I really need the help of some professionals, for both my paternal and maternal lines.

I don't have endless resources, but willing to pay the right person(s) for help on these issues.

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Categories:Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Live Relations Search, Native American, Jewish, Family Historian, Civil War, DAR, Preliminary Research Plan, Mentor, Look Ups
Language specialties: German > English
Member Since:2014-08-29 07:33
Member Type:Free member
Country of residence:France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, United Kingdom-all of the UK, United States-all of the US
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