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Tuesday January 19, 2021 4:47 am                

Name: alan cooper
Username: coops122

I have been studying genealogy for many years through researching my own family and other branches such as close friends. I have found to my cost that some who label themselves to be 'specialists' can be reckless with information, and can at times, lead hopeful families down the wrong path and have upsetting consequences.

I am a hard worker and understand the dillegence required to piece together the correct information. 

I am based in the southern United States and Western Australia although I am a Londoner by birth, I have equal expertise in all 3 of these areas.

I will always try to go above and beyond, and will only accept a project I can help in.

Country of service:Florida, US
Categories:Genealogy Research
Language specialties:No Language Specialties
Member Since:2015-11-28 16:41
Member Type:Free member
Country of residence:United Kingdom-all of the UK, United States-all of the US
Level of expertise:
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