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Saturday September 19, 2020 11:45 am                

Name: Kayla Rush
Username: ker728

I am an experienced genealogist living and working in Northern Ireland, where I am also pursuing a master's degree in Social Anthropology.  I do research in Ireland, the UK, and continental Europe, with specialties in archival research and immigration studies.

Additionally, I work as a writer and German-to-English translator within genealogy and spend much of my time researching, writing, and editing for publication.

Country of service:Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom-all of the UK
Categories:Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Publishing, Document Translations, Village Photography, Pedigree Charts, Heirs & Probate, Jewish, Family Historian, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan, Genealogy website design/development, Look Ups
Language specialties: German > English , German > English, Old , German, Old > English , German, Old > German
Member Since:2012-02-17 17:14
Member Type:Free member
Country of residence:United Kingdom-all of the UK
Level of expertise:Advanced Specialist
Associations or Organizations:
Education experience:MA Social Anthropology, Queen's University Belfast (expected 2014)


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