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Saturday September 19, 2020 10:31 am                

Name: Philippe Chapelin
Username: Celadon Professional

Accredited professional genealogist in France since 1992. Historian. Research in all France. Specialized in localizations for the descendants of people who have French origins.

Country of service:France
Categories:Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Document Translations, Village Photography, Live Relations Search, Heirs & Probate, Military, Jewish, Family Historian, Online Research, Preliminary Research Plan
Language specialties: French > English , French > Italian , French > Spanish , Italian > French
Member Since:2009-06-10 05:50
Member Type:Free member
Country of residence:France
Level of expertise:Professional Specialist
Associations or Organizations:Chambre syndicale des généalogistes et historiens. Association of Professional Genealogists (AGP).
Education experience:


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Genealogy Specialist Rating: 9    Genealogy Specialist Reviews: 2

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