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Wednesday June 26, 2019 2:00 am                

German Relations Lehrte region Refundable fee paid 

Date added:2019-01-03 08:42
Date ending:2019-02-02 08:42
Project creator:CindyZ        | Post PMB
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 Living relations of(1) Auguste Lubbe ( b. Lehrte1872-) who married August Kinke (1868-) and lived in Hamelerwald.  Their children were Otto, Fritz, Adolf, Emil (d. WWI), and Hildegard (married Willi Paul). and (2) Adolf Lubbe (b Lehrte 1868) and wife Alwine who owned an inn in Ahlten.  Had a son named Adolf.  I have birth dates and rest of family for Auguste and Adolf  but need death dates for them and birth/death dates for their children..

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Project Status: closed
Selected Specialist: seamike


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