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Wednesday June 26, 2019 2:42 am                

Mlawa archive research

Date added:2019-01-10 21:19
Date ending:2019-02-09 21:19
Project creator:wisniewski98        | Post PMB
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1--I am looking to get a copy of a marriage record for Jozef Olszewski and Jozefa Scigielsak/Szczygielska. Marriage date 1858 Akt. #6 in parish in Stara Wrona.

2--I am looking to get a copy of a marriage record for Adam Olszewski and Jozefa Parulska. Marriage date 1888 Akt. #37 in parish in Sochocin.

3--I am looking for the birth records of all children born to Adam Olszewski and Jozefa Parulska.the known  children are,

Wladyslaw born 1890 Akt. #57

Jozef born 1892 Akt. #89

Marcjan born 1895 Akt. #73

Czeslawa born 1898 Akt. #112

Florentyna born 1901 Akt. #29

Wladyslawa born 1903 Akt. #56

Aleksander born 1905 Akt. #86

Stanislawa born 1906 born 1907 Akt. #43

Helena born 1910 Akt. 13

4--And any children born after 1910

All records were found on Geneteka, but no scans are available and LDS records are not available for viewing online.

Categories:Archive Research, Genealogy Research
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Budget:Under $100

Project Status: closed


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