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Sunday February 23, 2020 8:17 pm                

Find my mother's birth certificate! Refundable fee paid 

Date added:2019-04-02 20:01
Date ending:2019-05-02 20:01
Project creator:seneb1        | Post PMB
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Names of Ancestors:Catherine Dougher - this is the birth certificate we are looking for. She is the daughter of Anne Connor (Cashill, Co Mayo, Ireland) and Micheal Dougher. Her full name is Catherine Joan Dougher, but when she was born, she was only Catherine Dougher.
Religion of family Member(s):Catholic
Village/Town/Province/State of family:West Pittston, PA Luzerne County
Range of years which are required for the research:1918
Specific dates and events:December 2, 1918
Occupations of family member(s):She was a child. Father worked in railroad
Names of any spouses and how they relate to your family lines:Anne Connor and Micheal Dougher were the parents of Catherine.
Sibling names:They had the following children: Mary, 1907 John, 1909 Helen, 1911 Ann, 1912 Rita, 1914 Alice, 1916 Catherine, 1918 Grace, 1920 Proof of this can be seen from the 1910 and 1920 US Census pages (info provided upon request).
Dates of immigration:
Information available from previous research:We have twice request records from vital records and have gotten nothing. "no records found". We know she was born there. We have census data proving the family lived there. We have certificate of baptism We have extensive family tree info from Irish side of family. But we have no birth certificate for my husbands mother.
Goal of research:My husband is eligible for Irish citizenship because Anne Connors was born in Ireland. She had a child, Catherine Dougher, who had Richard Cox (my husband). We have all documents except the birth certificate of Catherine Dougher. This has alluded us for many, many years. Catherine recently died, at age 100, and we would still like to get her birth certificate. We have lots of documentation about her mothers side of the family immigrating from ireland and settling in West Pittston, PA. We have a Baptismal Certificate for her. We have twice requested a birth certificate officially, through official channels, but they have not been able to produce anything. It is a mystery. We know she was born at home. She was baptized within 2 weeks of her birth.
Branch of service, rank, and years served in the military for any family members:
Additional Notes:We are not local to Pennsylvania, and we know it is difficult to access original records. Evidently this birth certificate has been mis-filed and a thorough, non-traditional search must be done. We cannot keep sending formal requests through official channels asking for alternate spellings, etc in order to try and get lucky to produce a birth certificate. This document is the only way to definitively tie the grandmother to the mother to show Irish lineage, so that my husband can apply for citizenship. We need someone who can hunker down and do what is needed to find the birth certificate of Catherine Dougher, born December 2, 1918 in West Pittston PA. We are willing to provide any documentation we have. It's a lot, so it's better to converse about what we have and what you might need, then send along specific items.

Additional info posted on: 2019-04-10 18:22

I've uploaded a file that includes documents for birth, marriage, baptism, census information, along with 2 failed attempts with Vital Records.

Additional info posted on: 2019-04-16 02:19

I have additional information that I can forward.  If you are interested, please click on the "ask the project owner a question button" and let me know.

   Additional file posted
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City:West Pittston
Countries:Pennsylvania, US

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