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Saturday September 19, 2020 12:47 pm                

The Life of Ms B

Date added:2020-01-25 17:24
Date ending:2020-02-24 17:24
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Project Description

Names of Ancestors:Bridget McLarnon - McClarnon BIRTH 8 FEB 1927 Portglenone, Antrim, Northern Ireland DEATH 11 MAR 2016 North York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Religion of family Member(s):Catholic - Mother - Annie McLarnon Portglenone, Antrim, Northern Ireland Birth - 1904 - DOB - 2000 Father unknown -
Village/Town/Province/State of family:Ulster, Portglenone, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Range of years which are required for the research:1927 through 2016 ??? Any information within her life span.
Specific dates and events:Bridget was ' committed ' to what I understand to have been a three year 'sentence' at the Good Shepherd Convent for unwed Mothers on Ormond Road in Belfast Ireland. How many years ... would like detailed information on this.
Occupations of family member(s):Farming -
Names of any spouses and how they relate to your family lines:Was brought to Canada - lived in North York was employed as a house keeper.
Sibling names:N/A as there were only half siblings born much later.
Dates of immigration:Left Ireland around 1972
Information available from previous research:Can locate none.
Goal of research:Would like to know why I cannot locate a birth record - not on census - The circumstances of her being in the " Magdeleine Laundries " - for how long and what happened with her child. The story behind her life.
Branch of service, rank, and years served in the military for any family members:
Additional Notes:Do not wish for this to break my bank ! Please advise.. Ber Holt has worked for me at one time if available and willing to look at this one request. Thank you
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Average Bid:Private
Countries:Ontario, Canada, Ireland
Languages:English > English, Old
Budget:Under $100
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Project Status: closed
Selected Specialist: IsabellaCookDowning


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