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Saturday September 19, 2020 11:33 am                

World War I casualty

Date added:2020-02-11 07:56
Date ending:2020-03-12 08:56
Project creator:dragosm        | Post PMB
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Project Description

Names of Ancestors:Vasile C
Religion of family Member(s):Greek Catholic
Village/Town/Province/State of family:born Csongva (Ciunga), Transylvania, presumed dead in Galicia 1914 or 1915.
Range of years which are required for the research:1914-1915
Specific dates and events:b. 13/11/1885 - d. 1914 (presumed)
Occupations of family member(s):laborer
Names of any spouses and how they relate to your family lines:
Sibling names:
Dates of immigration:
Information available from previous research:Not found in Verlustliste (casualty list) from digital State Library of Upper Austria (https://digi.landesbibliothek.at/viewer/toc/AC08513816/1/-/) Not found in Kriegsgefangene (Prisoners of War) lists at Digital Archive of Czech Republic https://kramerius.army.cz/search/i.jsp?language=en&pid=uuid:946d30a0-0c13-11df-a329-0013d398622b# Not found in International Red Cross POW list https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/
Goal of research:Vasile C is my second great grandfather. He was born in 1885 and enlisted in the Austro-Hungarian army in July 1914. He never returned home and was presumed lost during the battles in Galicia (August-September 1914). I am quite sure I have correctly identified his fighting unit but I have been unable to find proof he indeed died fighting or was captured as a POW and died in a camp. A few years ago, the list of wounded/dead/prisoners for the Austrian-Hungarian army during WW1 become available, but I was unable to find Vasile in any of the list. I am trying to determine with a high degree of certainty whether was killed in action, taken prison or deserted. I would require a researcher that speaks German and is familiar with genealogical research at the Vienna War Archives (Kriegsarchiv Wien)
Branch of service, rank, and years served in the military for any family members:Army group Kövess, XII. Corps, 35 Infantry Division, soldier, 1914-1915 (?)
Additional Notes:
Categories:Archive Research, Military
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Languages:German > English
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