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Wednesday January 27, 2021 11:25 am                

18-19th century Jewish ancestors Bucharest

Date added:2020-04-29 15:45
Date ending:2020-05-23 15:45
Project creator:rgaster5        | Post PMB
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Project Description

Names of Ancestors:Key ancestors: 1) Azriel Gaster - apparently a significant figure in the Jewissh community in Bucharest. Owned a synagogue. Merchant. c.1774-1834. Married Etel Breuer, of Kiev (her father was Anschel Breuer - no further info) (no actual dates). Possibly born in Bukovina (then Hapsburg???) 2) His father Yssachor Gaster (sometimes Issachar). No significant information. allegedly of Amsterdam and Tijsmenitza, now Poland 3) vague stories of earlier family in Amsterdam but no records found 4) very vague stories of origins in Gasterland part of Switzerland. could explain name origin but not much help otherwise. 5) lots of info about Azriel's descendants.
Religion of family Member(s):Jewish
Village/Town/Province/State of family:Bucharest. Bukovina?
Range of years which are required for the research:starting with Azriel's death record c.1834 and then going backwards as possible. that date is entirely speculative but seems reasonable from other materials
Specific dates and events:see above. Yssachor Gaster Gaster married Nannette Reiter (from a Jewish genealogy site) but no further info. Azriel Gaster married
Occupations of family member(s):Merchant we think and possibly position in Jewish religious circles
Names of any spouses and how they relate to your family lines:see above
Sibling names:Azriel had a brother Jacob also known as Ykofsky and an unknown sister
Dates of immigration:
Information available from previous research:No records in Amsterdam. No records found in Romania from cursory search of genealogy records.
Goal of research:find place and date of birth and death for Azriel (marriage also if possible). Maybe property records ? find more info on Issachar.
Branch of service, rank, and years served in the military for any family members:
Additional Notes:I'm interested first in finding out whether this research is even possible - whether there are Bucharest records likely to capture Azriel. Second, ket's see what specific info we find. Third, plan for additional work.

Additional info posted on: 2020-04-29 20:09

This will require someone with knowledge of Romanian archives. Probably a Romanian language speaker. and Probably someone in or near Bucharest. generalists plase dont apply.

Categories:Archive Research, Genealogy Research, Preliminary Research Plan
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Languages:Romanian > English

Project Status: closed


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