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Tuesday July 14, 2020 6:12 pm                

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Date added:2020-06-14 17:00
Date ending:2020-07-14 17:00
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I have a confirmed paid membership with a deposit of $15.00 but the main website, including the "Contact Us" portion, is inoperable as of 1354 hours 6/14/2020 and I was unable to post my job after paying through Paypal. My only option was to post it here, sorry.

I have been able to research as far back as my great grandfather on my father's side. My family, especially my 83 year old brother, want to know our family history much further back.  We grew up being told that we were "mostly French" and an uncle claims that we decend fron the Huguenots however, in doing our DNA we have found that we have a prodomanently Irish heritage. Typical story, right?

I am hoping to find a professional that can help us dtermine our actual heritage as far back as possible.

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Countries:France, Ireland, United States-all of the US
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