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Wednesday January 27, 2021 11:40 am                

Obtaining of Cypriot BMD records

Date added:2020-07-22 12:35
Date ending:2020-08-21 12:35
Project creator:Brekett        | Post PMB
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I have a number of ancestors (from my grandfather back) who were born in Cyprus in, alledgedly, the Famagusta region. They moved to the UK in the 1940s/50s but later returned to Cyprus.

I have all of their UK-based details and many of their DOBs, maiden names, etc. What I'm after are their Cypriot BMD records.

Ideally, I'm looking for somebody in the area who could obtain copies of the records (and translate them, if necessary).

Once I have these records, there may then be further research opportunities into ancestors further back and the areas in which they lived.

Categories:Genealogy Research, Look Ups
Average Bid:Private
City:Famagusta region
Languages:Greek > English

Project Status: closed


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