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Thursday September 29, 2022 7:11 am                

John Washington

Date added:2022-09-14 18:16
Date ending:2022-10-14 18:16
Project creator:Rwash2020        | Post PMB
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Hello, this is a brief description of what I am looking for in a genealogist to hire to look for my great grandpa John Wesley Washington AKA a Singleton also last name. John Wesley was born in Ethelsville Alabama in 1873. I have spent the last four years looking up information on John Wesley which has been very very hard. Because of the name change from Singleton to Washington, I have found several different information of Native American ancestry on both sides of the family of the Washington and Singleton family. I am looking for a genealogist to solve the mystery Native American ancestry with John Wesley Washington.

So, I will try to keep this short and simple: There are two different types of family that may be associated with John Wesley Washington. We received a Native American Dawes card showing that John Wesley was 12 years old and was put on the Cherokee rolls under William singleton and Annie Singleton.

We also have Native American dawe rolls card that shows that John Wesley was added on there as the age of 33 were Seminoles maybe possible family members that is under Washington on the rolls. We have also found his Social Security information that shows that there is Isaac Washington and a Narsis Wilkins aka Narcissus that is supposed to be his mother. Her name is spelled many ways and other family trees on ancestry and FamilySearch. The story goes that her mother was either a Choctaw Indian or Creek or maybe even a shashawnee but they originally came from South Carolina. And when she came from South Carolina she had two sisters that was with her, and her last name changed from Wilkins to Singleton. I talked to a Singleton relative, and she had verified majority of this information is true.

Since I have been searching for the last past four to five years, I have pretty much found all that I think I can find on John Wesley Washington. Social Security, cards census, records draft records, marriage license to his wife Avalonia Taylor, AKA AV. But there is the big mystery of solving if he is truly a Native American descent or not because of the family stories. Also, a probate paper that was filed and 2018 by my aunties on him and my grandpa his son and his wife for the land that is owned in Oklahoma and there is a Native American roll number on there that does not belong to him. A lot of family members are getting pretty fed up and would like to find the truth.

And so, I hope that you'll be able to take on this challenge and it won't be so costly. I do know that Alabama has their own record keeping of Native Americans that did not go on the Rood of tears and did not transfer to the reservations they stayed behind. I had called down there and I talked to a lady named Velma and she told me that yes, they did have their own record keeping. I have lost the information that she told me to call and talk to another place that my hat records, but she said most of her records are in the national archive which is very hard and difficult to use. and due to time and kids and everything I really don't have time to research this anymore it's just became really hard. So I hope that you can help out with this thank you very much hope to hear back from you soon.


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